The Top 5 Idaho Slimming Vacations

Healthy Idaho Magazine presents the top pics for the places that will help keep you strong & healthy

You go on vacation and then return home with seven pounds of extra baggage — and that’s excluding the souvenirs and gifts you brought back. We mean the seven pounds of desserts and drinks you gained while lounging around in the hotel room. This year, try a vacation that will keep you moving and away from the hotel. And you’ll have so much fun, you’ll hardly notice the workout!

Wet and wild

Bear Lake

Shared between Idaho and Utah, it has many recreational venues for the whole family. The turquoise, yet semi-chilly waters give you plenty of boating, skiing, kayaking and jet-skiing opportunities. You can camp on the shore of the lake or rent a condo. And the Fourth of July firework show that soars over the lake is an unforgettable view. Amy Brown, a waitress at Chad’s Raspberry Kitchen, a popular store nearby the lake said, “Our Raspberry Days are popular here and everyone wants to come see what it’s about, especially after an energetic day around the lake.”

Idaho’s top aquatic center

Lava Hot Springs

Idaho’s top aquatic center. If it’s water you want, it’s what you’ll get there. The springs are fun for all ages, with slides for kids, an Olympic pool for adults and dozens of hot springs for people with sore muscles and tension. “The great thing about Lava is that there are so many different options that can suit all ages,” says Kelsey Holloway, an employee at Lava Hot Springs. From splashing around in the shallow end with the kiddies to racing down the speed slides to jumping of the platforms, there are enough options to keep your whole family entertained.”

Summer cool down

Shoshone Ice Caves

Want to cool down on a hot summer day? Grab your coat and head out for adventure while hiking down several hundred yards down into the caves that are full of ice and rock formations. It is definitely a fun the whole family can enjoy. “We are a unique cave contains ice year round,” says Susan Lehith, manager of the caves. “We have plenty of families that come through, and it’s a ¾ mile roundtrip walk for about an hour.” These caves give you enough exercise to burn the calories on your vacation.

Idaho Adventure

Salmon River

Idaho may be known for its potatoes, but water rafting is where it really shines. This river is popular to many as it has cool crisp water, congruent to dense forest green mountains and all under a gorgeous blue sky. You can enjoy up to 90 miles of exciting white water rapids, white sandy beaches, beautiful camps, breathtaking views and abundant wildlife to make this the fun family vacation trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Family fun

Payette National Forest

Talk about a double dose of slim benefits. Huckleberry picking in Priest Lake, Idaho has a healthy adventure waiting for you. Priest Lake, in the beautiful Payette National Forest, is your best bet for a variety of berries in different colors. The berries have few calories and can take up to two hours to pick one cup! July and August are the best times to attend. Afterwards, you can relax in the nearby Burgdorf Hot Spring and enjoy your berry snack.

Article Reviewed: June 29, 2012
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